Pattaya City Council Tax Review

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On the 23rd of September 2008, Pattaya City Hall held a meeting to explain all the new proposals for the new financial year ahead. One of the main issues of the meeting had been the revision of the tax collection system in Pattaya. More than this they also aimed to explain to those who are behind with their taxes to settle these under the new tax collection system.

UPDATE: The new tax collection system in Pattaya 3 years after it start has according to the government worked well. Many residents had to change how taxes had been paid however this has taken effect and is by all accounts working well.

Pattaya has over the last 12 months also received a bigger budget for tourism promotion to help in the development of Pattaya and the surrounding areas such as Jomtien and Naklua. This budget has been used to promote Pattaya not only in Bangkok but also overseas. There has also been a larger budget for infrastructure upgrades in Pattaya and this has been used for more roads and they are now looking at a monorail system for Pattaya.

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